Unfortunately we had a server crash resulting in the loss of about a year’s worth of posts, most of which revolve around our latest feature, KID-THING. So for posterity we’ve enclosed a recap…

KID-THING 2012 Festivals to Date(with more to come)

BAFICI- Buenos Aires Festival Internacionale de Cine Independiente (along with our first retrospective)
Florida Film Festival

Calgary Underground Film Festival
Dallas IFF
IFF Boston
JeonJu International Film Festival
Maryland Film Festival

Fantaspoa Puerto Alegre Brazil (Winner Best Feature – Panorama)
Viennale Real America series
Flyover Film Festival Louisville
Rooftop Films, Brooklyn
Edinburgh IFF
Neuchatel International Fantastic Film Festival
Cinema East Austin
Brasilia Independent Film Festival
Film Society of Lincoln Center Indie Night
New Horizons International Film Festival Poland

Summer Times Moscow
GenArt Film Festival

We’ll also repost a detailed review roundup, but here’s one of our favorites from Berlin, and a cover story from the Austin Chronicle.

Here’s a fond remembrance of Susan Tyrrell, one of my favorite actresses of all time an amazingly unique human being. She was a dear friend and it was an honor to have her be a part of K-T.

Poster by Katy O’Connor and Kurt Volk.

Sasquatch Birth Journal 2 @ the MARYLAND FILM FESTIVAL

May 6, 2011/07:00 PM/Charles Theater 3
May 7, 2011/11:30 AM/Charles Theater 3

You can always watch it online.

GOLIATH on Sundance Channel in MAY

Sunday, May 1 5:00 PM
Saturday, May 7 12:30 PM
Saturday, May 7 5:05 PM
Wednesday, May 18 8:00 PM
Monday, May 23 6:30 PM
Tuesday, May 24 4:45 AM

From A to Zellner: SFIFF PRESS


Getting caught up with the ZB’s recent show at the San Francisco International Film Festival, which was a blast.

A fantastic recap of the program:

Brothers from Another Planet

Festival programmer Sean Uyehara made it all sound so straightforward: He would introduce the Zellner brothers, a pair of Austin-based filmmakers. There would be shorts, a talk, more shorts and a final Q&A. Simple, right? Then a decrepit elderly man wandered to the stage. Resembling Hans Moleman, he read a prepared statement: “Hello there. Welcome. My name is David and Nathan Zellner, but you can call me Bobo. I come from the planet Fluborg, hold for applause.” This was only the first surprise in Sunday night’s From A to Zellner, a live performance and shorts showcase from the Zellner brothers, whose absurd work so often turns expectations on their head. The piece Flotsam/Jetsam emerged from a purely aesthetic desire, according to David. “For a long time I thought it would be fun to be out in the middle of the ocean on a raft made of luggage with a vacuum and a chicken on it.” When exactly that hallucinatory, poetic struggle of a man adrift at sea turned into a hysterical pseudo documentary of a shark attack is just part of the Zellner’s mystique. Throughout the night’s strange variety show, there was no predicting what would come next, with costume changes, additional characters played by their supposed grandfather (a Bay Area native born in 1923 just blocks away in a Fillmore abortion clinic), or that the brothers and elder statesman would end the show with an unplanned rendition of Limahl’s theme from The Neverending Story, complete with a choreographed tap-dancing duet. —RP

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